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Thanks, Fred Gitelman

Fred Gitelman officially retired from Bridge Base OnlineJuly 12. On behalf of the entire bridge community, Bridge Winners wants to thank him for his contributions to the game and wish him well in his retirement.

Fred and his wife, Sheri Winestock, started Bridge Base in 1990 in Toronto, creatingprograms to help people learn bridge. He started Bridge Base Online in 2001, and it has grown into the indispensable platform we all recognize today, allowing people to play, watch, and learn bridge for free. Fred has consistently put the good of the game ahead of his personal interests. Along with Bridge Base Online, heprogrammed and offered for free the wonderfulLearn to Play Bridge software, Bridge Master, and the BBO Counting Game.

Fred was one of the top players in the world before he retired from competitive play in 2013. He won 8 NABC titles, including 2 wins in the Spingold and 1 in the Reisinger. He won the Rosenblum in 2010 and won a silver medal in the Bermuda Bowl in 1995. He was also the second person to go In the Well.

Fred was a visionary, seeing early on how technology could improve bridge, both in terms of access and education. He has made his mark on the game, and his creations will live on without him. From all of us here at Bridge Winners: Thank you, Fred!

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