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The Best Ruling Ever!

This is a story as relayed second hand but so fabulous I can’t resist posting it.

During the Cavendish Pairs last week the Egyptian Pair Fahmy - Yaacoub were playing against Hansen - Drijver. On one hand one of the Egyptians discarded high - low in one suit and pitched low in another. Each discard was reportedly made after considerable thought. When asked what about their carding they said that they had no agreements.

The director ruled that since they had no agreements they were prohibited from varying their carding for the rest of the event! They were told that they could only play lowest to highest in every suit. They were also prohibited from varying the play of their honor cards.

This is the best ruling ever. I propose that the league implement this rule immediately with no exceptions.

In fact, I recommend two rules changes/adjustments.

1. If a pair has no agreements on signals they must always play lowest to highest whether following suit or discarding.

2. If a pair comes to a table without a convention card they are required to play yellow card for the remainder of the session. They should not be allowed a round or two to fill out their card. This is a frequent problem particularly with foreign pairs and only once have I seen the director enforce the yellow card rule.

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