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The best short mystery story about bridge?

I collect anthologies of mystery stories.  Today I was looking at the Introduction to "Best Detective Stories of the Year", probably 1964.  The editor, Anthony Boucher who for many years was the New York Times mystery reviewer, and was a prolific writer had this to say about one of the stories that made the "Honor Roll" for the year, but were not included in "the Best."

  "...or a story that is admirable in all respects save that its audience seems to limited such as 'One Murder is Worth Two Finesses, ' by Bob Ewen and Jeff Rubens (from Bridge World of all places to find a detective story..."  He calls it "a very funny and acute parody" of Don Van Elsner's bridge-themed paperback novels.

If you still have that Bridge World, I would like to get your thoughts on that story. I think I may have read one of Van Elnser's novellas.  

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