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The big picture (1939, The Hague)

The 1939 European Championships were held in The Hague, Netherlands.These countries took part (using their names at the time)

Open:  Sweden, Jugoslavia, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Great Britain, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy

Women:   France, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark

The lovely photo of the participants and organisers (1 large image, 4 annotated cut outs)

and the short article by Rixi Markus

Here you will also see an article from the August 1939 issue of Bridge Magazine. It lists the players and the results.

Please flip thru the album images.

It would be great if we can put the names to the faces. I have made a start. If you look at the 4 smaller images (zoomed in sections), some are circled and named. I’d welcome help … please indicate and I will update the images. It will be easier once we have a few more identified.

This image was supplied to me by Peter Hasenson, from Dimie Flemings's private collection. 

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