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The Bracket Size Adjustment Factor

Masterpoint awards for KOs get  deducted 4%  for each team under 16 until it gets to 9 teams:  [b]the bracket size adjustment factor[/b].

D14, for the first time last May, suffered a set of KOs without enough teams for a second bracket.  Single bracket handicapped KOs SUCK!

We want to preserve the 4 session KO format with 24 board matches in a fashion that does not throw noncompetitive teams up against "A" teams.  You look at regional flyers and you see these one day two-session Bracketed RRs (which they call a Swiss even though it isn't) where you play series of short matches. Do they call it a Swiss so you don't get the full overall award if your team has more than 4 players?.

If we value the Spinderbilt as a premier form of team play and then why have KO conditions of contest that are chasing teams away from longer match competition???

Our district GNT final contest conditions call for a qualifying day that is a round robin if there are fewer than 11 teams.  The top 4 teams coming out of the RR play a KO semifinal and final.  When we inquired why our regional couldn't do the same thing we were told the codification doesn't allow it.

I could understand an adjustment factor if the differential in a smaller bracket led to increased variance, but this straight line deduction has to have a different reason.

A 9-10 team top flight KO where the bottom seed averages over 5,000MPs is certainly a good test of bridge.  Why lop off 25% of the MP award in this tough field?  If a second bracket has a 12 table field, before the natural break of the third bracket, and the team MP average ranges from 1100 to 4200MPs then, yes, I can see a rationale for a 4% adjustment because the variance in team strength calls into question the value of finishing first or second.


The ACBL IS responding to our concerns BIGLY! 

 as Josh from the movie BIG said:  "I don't get it. It turns from a building into a robot, right? Well, what's fun about that? What's so fun about playing with a building? That's not any fun!"   What is this adjustment factor all about... besides destroying the primetime KO structure now that field sizes are shrinking.

Why not address the actual variance between 16 team brackets and 9,8, or 7 team brackets.  Seven teams averaging 7,000MPs can play 6 8-board matches using a BAM movement with hand records and 4 boards each session to reduce the field to a 4 team semifinal.  You don't ruin the experience by injecting two non-competitive lower 'A' teams to get a nine team bracket to avoid a 40% MP haircut.  

Downward adjust this field at 1 or maybe 2%.  The strength of field should be the primary determinant of the MP award not the size of the bracket.

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