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The Club "2-Minute Rule"

I'm a club board member and I'm trying to find a better solution to the slow play problem -- if there is one -- or to determine if it should even be a problem.

Currently, our club has a policy of the so-called 2-minute rule: our version is that a defender's card must hit the table before the clock says 2 minutes. Often, in a big club game, hearing the warning or seeing the warning is difficult. Compounding the problem, it is not quite clear if the director may or must enforce the rule. Regardless, ill will is sometimes created -- often at opponents for causing the delay, often at the director.

I've tried to research this problem out. Not much out there -- I do see where Laguana Woods (a huge club) has a similar policy: their's is different in that if the bidding has not begun when only two minutes are left, the director may pull the board. Note : may not must or shall.(That seems to be part of the problem.)The reference in the Laguana Woods website for the penalty is "according to the ACBL Laws 12 and 86...". I can find no such reference .

I have written to the LW president for clarification and guidance.

Regardless of that response, I'm interested in your club experiences.


(1) Do your local clubs have such a rule?

(2) If so, do the players want it?

(3) If so, are most players (whether they want it or not) content with the ruling?

(4) Is there any ACBL "law" or "directive" that supports the 2-minute idea for a club or in a tournament for match point play?

(5) If not "yes" to (4) where did this apparent "informal" 2-minute rule originate?

 As usual, all other thoughts are welcomed.

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