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The Conduct of BBO

Dear BBO, the last few weeks have literally doubled your visitors, importantly, (for your long term profit) many of them are first time visitors. This crisis is an unbelievable boon to your bottom line. We understand well that you are a profit minded corporation with a serious business minded investor. However, the world of Bridge is watching your behavior at a time of world-wide crisis and we would ask you to reconsider your positions:

  • BBO is undercutting ACBL Virtual Clubs and Support Your Club Games by adding additional free games and ultracheap games.
  • BBO wanted $60 per team match for a Bridge Winner's League. You were offered a fee but wanted 50%.

If you could please reconsider your decisions at this time of plague, we will remember your behavior in the future. Thanks for listening, BBO

P.S. BW audience. Please write directly to Jerome Rombaut, Funbridge (Editor's note: personal email address removed at request of owner, please use to contact him.)

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