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The Directors got this right or wrong?

Here it is: Board 1 Teams IMPS: A very long auction got to 7 by East.  The declarer (E) held AJ753 and the dummy had KT84. After winning the lead in the dummy the declarer saw the only issue was Q the rest of the tricks were all top, for right or wrong played a low spade to the 4 and Ace and Ten. When he played a low spade up toward the K LHO showed out, and the declarer said to his partner, "sorry looks like I got this one wrong" and called for the King of spades. The RHO boarded the Q and declarer surprised said out loud "well maybe not" thinking that lefty probably revoked,  after righty played the 2 to the third spade round and the hand played to 7==lefty got mad and asked his partner "what are you doing?" Clearly the result should have been -1 as all hope was gone after the A was played, but righty played the Q under the K with the comment after partner criticized "sorry there was too much chatter" referring to declarer admission he made a bad guess. At the end of the 9 Board round (not hand) the south (dummy) was was upset about the 7= and complained to east, who said he should call director rather than speak to him about it , he then called the director- righty now says he was showing the set card as he thought the play was over and a claim had been made. (He didn't suggest calling the director at the time point or make any such statement previous) The director said that any statement by declarer acknowledging an error was a claim and adjusted it to 7-1. Besides a good example of why not to make any comment at all during the play what about the director decision?

Edit- the T of spades was in declarers hand not the 2. The 2 was in defenders hand. The spots made no actual difference the hand was just making or down on the Q so I was remiss on the spots.

The Director is correct a claim had been made, and -1 is the result.
The Director is wrong, the opponent made a mistake, making should stand.
The Director did well to get the table to the correct result reguardless of the rest.
The director should allow 7 and penalize declarer some # IMPS for comment at same time.
Something else-please explain

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