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The Impossible Two Spade Bid

Here, the context is in a 2/1 forcing or semi-forcing 1NT style (no Flannery) which begins (no intrusion) 1H-1NT-2m and then 2S.

Clearly, a useful bid in that the need is not infrequent, the bid is unable to be forgotten, and it can lead to finding a good game in a minor or perhaps in 3NT.

The problem is (other than good invitational values) what should the bid show/mean and ask (and the interplay).

The authorities and the literature are only helpful. (I have seven references at hand: PM me if you have an interest.}

Of course, it can serve however a partnership agrees.

I've come to my own views, but (before discussing or firming up with any partners) I'm most interested in the views of experienced BWers.

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