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(This is from the ACBL's Management report to the Board and is reprinted with their permission.)

Partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association:

This year, we have refocused our efforts on our relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association to encourage greater promotion of the mental health benefits of playing bridge as a preventive tool against Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Spring 2019 – Memphis, TN 9

Over the last several months, the Association has developed a plan to connect with researchers with an interest in the benefits of playing bridge, and an email announcing the Spring deadline to submit grant applications was sent to those individual researchers in March.

The Association is also investing major funds into the U.S. Pointer Trial, a lifestyle intervention trial to support brain health and prevent cognitive decline. The two-year trial will investigate whether certain lifestyle interventions – including cognitive and social stimulation – can reduce a person’s risk for cognitive decline. The Association’s effort to increase awareness in the research community of its interest in supporting this valuable research will help the ACBL and Association continue to work together toward mutually beneficial goals.

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