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The Monty Hall Trap, Bridge Today 1989

I came across this article on Marilyn vos Savant and the Monty Hall problem this week:


It had a bridge reference, so naturally I was curious. I googled for the Phillip Martin article in Bridge Today in 1989 and I believe I found it:


Here's the problem. My understanding of the Monty Hall problem is as per the explanation given by Marilyn: you should always switch. However, the explanation given by Phillip Martin in the Bridge Today article doesn't make sense to me: neither the beginning of the article, nor the postscript.

I hope the bridgewinners audience can clear this up for me:

1) What are the incorrect statements in the Phillip Martin article in regard to the Monty Hall problem, and what should be the corresponding correct statements?

2) How does this affect the answers to the three bridge problems given the article?


Edit: The Phillip Martin article is clearer to me now and is quite correct on the Monty Hall problem as well as the Bridge problems, as far as I can see. Please ignore my questions and just treat the links as interesting reading material. Thanks!

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