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The new Entry fee change for teams

The new Entry fee change for teams

I want to address the motion passed in Denver by the board of directors. Starting at the Reno nationals March 2016, the entry fees for regionally rated team games of two or more sessions is changing. Previously the entry was the same for every team regardless of the number of players but now the entry will be based on the number of players on the team, which means you will be charged per person rather than per team.

1. It will take much more time for the entries to be sold now there are 3 possible entry fees which is dependent on the number of players on the team. Not only will the selling process be much longer but balancing the books will be a nightmare. What happens when 5 or 6 man team loses a member(s) after the entry has been purchased? How do we now resolve the difference in the entry fee? Does someone on the team find any director or only a specific director to be reimbursed their money and when does this happen? How about the reverse; your team adds an extra player--- now someone has to locate a director to pay the extra money and here again when do you do this? Before the game begins when all of the directors are extremely busy selling the entries or after play as begun and the directors are busy running the game? Another possible problem - how does anyone know if a team is giving the correct information about the number of players when they purchase their entry? They pay for a 4 man team but there are actually 5 or 6 members on the team.

2. What is the rational for this change? The people affected by this motion that passed overwhelmingly are those teams with 5 and 6 members. Why would a team choose to play with 5 or 6 members? There are many reasons why people need to do this – we are an aging population and some don’t have the stamina needed to play 2 full sessions while others have health problems and medical treatments such as chemo therapy, some have family or work obligations and how about the many volunteers who have obligations away from the table during the session but still want to be able to play? Should these people be charged more when they are playing less thru no fault of their own?

Could this possibly have something to do with the professional teams?

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