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The Nicest Guy

Halfway through the Superbly Named National we're plugging away towards the top end of the field when the auction goes 2-P-P-P all in tempo.

I'm surprised because I could have sworn they said they were playing 2/1. While I'm looking around for their system card to check, lefty says "oh, sorry". Ah.

Partner looks up and tells lefty to have another go. Lefty asks if he's sure, we say sure we're sure, and partner crosses out his pass AND lefty's to seal the deal.

Then partner shakes his head and sighs and apologises. We all wonder why and look at him and he's saying he should never have passed 2 out, he should have realised what was going on and told lefty to have another go unprompted, and apologises again. Oppos look surprised (and I'm sure I did too) and thank him. Several times (they're also very nice people).

I know a lot of people who will let the oppos take back a mechanical or a brain fade, and I know quite a few who will insist on it, but it's a very rare person who would feel bad and apologise for not figuring out the accident and insisting on the rewind instantaneously.

Nick Jacob, you are a fully polished gem and I'm lucky to be able to call you my friend.

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