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The notorious doctors

After some lengthy, not necessarily voluntary break the doctors had their comeback to bridge in Germany.

On the weekend they played in the German Open Pairs in Berlin, or to put it more precisely, they played until halfway through and then choose to leave the tournament. There was a cut after the first day, separating the field in a top-twenty-group and a second group for the rest. The doctors could initially qualify  with the ninth place (I believe), but then somebody discovered that they were using two different bidding systems (probably according to vulnerability) which does not seem to be permitted by the system category of the championship.

As the doctors table was videotaped, the TD had a look at the material and discovered 6 hands out of 22 of the second and last qualifying session, in which those systems were applied. The TD changed the score for those 6 hands to 40/60 if it was better than 40% for the doctors. Miraculously this ruling made the doctors drop to place 21, the first nonqualifying position. This has a touch of ‘la mano de dios’ as we say in Germany. The next morning the TD’s ruling was upheld by the appeals committee.

The doctors didn’t want to play in the second group and left with the usual see-you-at-court swan song. 

Typical case of love and respect of the law, but only if it is in one’s favour.

Myself and many other players here hope, that this highly unsportsmanlike behaviour by the doctors will be addressed by the DBV in accordance with the regulations.

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