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The Pathology of the Germans and other cheaters: Is one time really only one time?

Suppose a man(or a woman, but for simplicity I'll say man) cheats on his significant-other or partner or wife(for simplicity I'll say wife). He does the dirty deed. Many such men would feel some sense of guilt and remorse--some would feel more than others. However, such a cheater who feels no guilt or remorse and continues to "fool around" approaches a mind set of what are known as psychopaths. Similarly, a bank robber who robs one bank has broken the law, but if a man continually  robs and seemingly feels no remorse and continues to rob, well, we've got a different animal altogether.


Let's think about cheating in bridge, which many of us compare to murder in life, in that it is the worst act against society one can commit.

Suppose a player agrees to cheat with his partner . Hand one comes along and player #1 sends an illegal signal, or partner signals illegal information and you receive it and act upon it. That's Act of Cheating #1. The second hand comes along, and you and partner do it again. That's Act of Cheating #2. And hand #3 and 4 and so on. By the end of a session, the cheaters have each cheated perhaps 30 times--in effect robbed 30 banks in one day or slept with 30 women(you get the point) in acts of deceit .  So when the Germans admitted to cheating, they weren't remorsefully admitting  "just one night out with the local floozy or one act of human weakness."  They admitted to a callous series of deceits against their opponents and the entire bridge world.

Wouldn't you think differently of a man who cheated once and was caught, or who fessed up to it to his wife after one dalliance(Like Tom Cruise in "The Firm"), than about a "serial philanderer?"

So, these bridge cheaters haven't done this "just  once" but many times, over many games over sometimes many years.  Hundreds or thousands of acts of cheating. I say throw the book at em!

Two years is two lifetimes too short a penalty for the Germans and 10 lifetimes too short for FS and FN.


[When i was 17 years old playing at my local club, I got my one and only "wire" in over 50 years of bridge. A friend of mine told me "on board such-and-such you can make 6C. They have to lead a spade to beat it but they won't because the opening leader has the AQ." So I giggled, nodded and when the board came up I was surprised when partner passed, because I had only 16 HCP and we were supposed to have a slam.  The auction proceeded with my partner bidding "optimistically." But at the crucial moment, I just couldn't do it--I "chickened out" and bid only 5C.  Well, the joke was on me--it was a bum wire and 5C went down 2!]

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