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The Power of Transparency

While doing my day job (Supply Network Management and Social Responsibility), I ran across a compelling quote that raises an element of the SOLUTION in a way that makes it impossible to resist, and hasn't been voiced in this forum this way.... Just had to share this... 

"Social Media strategies such as crowd sourcing can similarly make suppliers feel that they are constantly under surveillance by citizens and experts distributed across the globe. Transparency engenders its own type of control, leading to increased integrity since information can come from anyone anywhere.

Research Report June 2014,  "Supply Chain Integrity and Quality - The Transparency Imperative" by Barry Blake, Vice President Research SCM World.

You can substitute "suppliers" and "citizens" with appropriate collective nouns of your choice. Smile


Yes, transparency and crowd sourcing has turned the tide against the evidence gap and likely broke the inertial barrier (Ira Chorush's "Irrefutable Evidence") once and for all, but it can do more.  Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the policy of secrecy at all costs for a better SOP (concepts borrowed from many posts here):

1) Recorder Forms - Individual Reports <Secret> <- Crowd sourced private inputs possible here 

2) Expert Panel Jury for Indictment <Secret> 

3) Network-sourced evidence investigation and case (vetted network of skilled players) <closed, but not secret> (Can return "Not Proven"  to end process).   

4) Adjudication <Open> 

5) Sentencing <Open> 

6) Appeal <Open> 

7) Final Disposition and Electronic Case Book Entry <Open> 

For true reform to work, Z/NBOs must mitigate the risk and cost of civil suits - Make an arbitration requirement, waiving all civil action for all entrants in any (Fill in the Blank) Contest, non-negotiable and binding).  

What's left? The governing bodies determine whether one global WBF panel or one per Z/NBO is the best model for future compliance.  

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