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The Setting Trick: James Holzhauer

James Holzhauer is likely the most widely-known interviewee we have had on The Setting Trick. James broke multiple records on the game show Jeopardy!, and is already in theJeopardy! Hall of Fame. His style of play on Jeopardy! completely departed from convention and helped him to win over $2.4 million. During his winning streak Jeopardy! viewership grew from 10.4 million to 13.3 million a week. James will be reappearing on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions starting on November 4th.

More than just a Jeopardy! champion; James is also a fine bridge player. An avid robot player, James still plays one-way new minor forcing. Let's see if the Bridge Winners community can convince of the merits of switching to two-way!

Highlights from Episode:

2:30- James’ first exposure to bridge

3:20- James’ relationship with books in general

5:15- James’ engagement with bridge today

7:20- James’ skill level in bridge

10:20- Las Vegas Bridge World

11:50- James’ level of celebrity

14:30- James’ tactics in sports betting

17:50- Applications of strategies in sports betting and poker to bridge

19:10- An interesting bridge deal encountered by James

20:10- James’ mentors

23:20- James potentially quitting sports betting

24:00- James’ aspiration to become a world class player

31:50- Project 150

33:20- James’ experience with Jeopardy and his preparations

39:50- James’ reputation now as a sports bettor

43:20- The impact his fame has had on his relationship with his friends

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