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The Setting Trick: Michael Rosenberg Edition

Per my request, John McAllister has interviewed Michael Rosenberg, the man spearheading the USBF Junior Training program.


Mr. McAllister asked me to do a write up on his interview with Michael Rosenberg, and is smart to come to me, knowing that Michael Rosenberg is my absolute bridge idolSmile


After listening to their conversation, I was even more happy to write up the interview. John has always been good at making podcasts, and when the subject of the podcast is the man, the myth, the legend, MICHAEL ROSENBERG, the podcast is destined to be fire.


The podcast begins with Rosenberg explaining his first exposure to bridge. It then transitions to his experience and history with the successful USBF Junior Training Program - and if you pay careful attention, you will hear them talking about me Cool and understand why I consider Mr. Rosenberg to be the greatest G.O.A.T (that was redundant, but he is no ordinary G.O.A.T) - and finishes off with his recent success in the Trials and his future and present plans.


Scattered throughout the conversation is talks about his history with Chess, his son, Kevin Rosenberg, as well as some of his bridge analysis.


I'm pretty biased when it comes to anything with Rosenberg, but I think this is the best interview John has done. Michael is just too amazing. 


As you fly to Las Vegas for the Nationals, consider enriching your flight time with the insights of what I deem the greatest person in the bridge community, MICHAEL ROSENBERG.



Link to view the podcast:


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