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The Setting Trick: Zach Grossack

Zach Grossack is a bridge star. While playing together in the 2017 Blue Ribbon Pairs, I watched Zia follow Zach out of the playing area for a break between rounds. Zach, with his chest puffed out and Zia slumped over and apologetic.You gotta be good to make that happen!

In our wide ranging conversation Zachand I had a great time talking about, partnership, psychology at and away from the table, what it's like to play with your brother and so much more. Here are some highlights with timecodes:

9:18 - Get Zach’s thoughts on Danish starlet Christina Lund Madsen, including playing with her when she almost called the director on him.

15:38 - How Zach feels like he missed the golden age of professional bridge.

20:33 - On what Zach is doing to help bring new players into the game including starting a bridge club at Tufts, and how it takes so much time before one can even say that they “suck” at bridge.

29:35 - Adam Grossack might like it here where Zach refers to himself as a, “professional projector.”

30:18 - How Zach and his brother Adam recovered from almost not qualifying for the finals of the NAPs to winning in Philadelphia in March, including Adam and Zach’s partnership rule on Adam tanking and what it’s like to play with your brother.

38:38 - How you put into practice the age old rule about not talking about hands during the game.

48:15 - Learn about Zach’s previous experience with podcasting.

51:37 - Double Dummy is going to be available through more likely May 11 for screenings, including Cinema-on-Demand.

59:53 - Zach’s backup plans if being a bridge pro does not work out.

1:07:23 - Best win of Zach’s career to date in his mind.

1:11:05 - Listen as Zach hatches his plan to keep me from ever becoming a Platinum Life Master.

1:19:32 - Zach’s bridge hero, playing against him and with him.


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