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The Show Must Go On - Vanderbilt Equivalent Begins Monday on BBO

Copied directly from Jan van den Hoek's Facebook post:

"The Show Must Go ON

The Corona virus is definitely changing our lives. Mass events are cancelled. Sport organizations suffer and bear the consequences, amongst others live bridge tournaments.

ACBL was forced to cancel the Spring Nationals in Columbus (Ohio), a measure without precedent. Still there is some good news as well. This has everything to do with the fact that nowadays bridge can be played on the internet. Stay safe at home and turn on your pc, smartphone or tablet to play online.

‘The Show Must Go On.’ Exactly that phrase must have crossed Paul Street’s mind when he designed an online equivalent of the Vanderbilt KO Teams, traditionally the prestigious main event of the Spring Nationals. Paul succeeded to engage eight world class teams (Lavazza, Spector, Street, Blass, Upmark, Tulin, Moss and Meltzer) to join an online tournament under the name Columbus Alt.

The event can be followed on BBO from Monday March 23nd through Thursday March 26th, 2020 and is a co-operation by bid72 and"

I don't know exact rosters, format, schedule etc but here's a poll for who you think will win.

Edit: Being told start times are 10:00am and 2:30pm EDT each day. Should make for good kibitzing! Format courtesy of Gavin - 8 teams, full round robin. 


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