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The Slam Killer

A 2NT opening is sometimes called "the slam killer."  This is particularly true when you don't have good agreements with your partner.  Fortunately, when we stumbled into 6NT on Tuesday, it turned out to be a good contract and we got a favorable lead because the opponents were as confused as we were.  With the future in mind, I'd like to get the community's thoughts on a good set of agreements.  What we have already:

3: traditional (non-puppet/Muppet) Stayman, with Smolen available.

3/3: transfers

3: puppet to 3NT, followed by 4m to show a single-suited slam try or by 4M to show shortness in the bid suit with slam interest in either minor.

4NT: Slam invitation, where opener can continue by bidding a good four-card suit.

I've put labels on the answers.  Please pick one from each group.

Please select up to 5 choices.

A1 2NT 3 3 4 is natural, with 4+ diamonds and 4 hearts
A2 2NT 3 3 4 is natural, with 5+ diamonds and 4 hearts
A3 2NT 3 3 4 is natural and does not promise hearts
A4 2NT 3 3 4 is a control bid in support of spades
A5 2NT 3 3 4 has some other meaning.
B1 2NT 3 3 4NT is ace-asking
B2 2NT 3 3 4NT is quantitative, denying spade support
B3 2NT 3 3 4NT is something else
C1 2NT 3NT is natural (only to avoid accidents, as a 3 response can be used to reach 3NT)
C2 2NT 3NT shows 4=1=4=4
C3 2NT 3NT is something else
D1 2NT 3 3 3 shows 1=4=4=4
D2 2NT 3 3 3 is something else
E1 2NT 3 3NT 5m is a slam try with bad trumps
E2 2NT 3 3NT 5m is something else

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