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The smoking situation... & how to deal with the smokers

I know that smoking isn't allowed in club games, or in ACBL tournaments, but the scent lingers on, in the case of some people, to the extent that the stink off the clothes of the smoker affects the concentration of anyone near him/ her.

Fragrances aren't tolerated at a club game or ACBL site either, but believe me, these are a minor offence compared to the reek of old stale tobacco.   In addition lots of people, including myself, are very allergic to cigarette smoke. Just banning smoking from the site is not enough.

What does one do?  

Can ACBL provide at tournaments a special section for smokers, so others won't have to suffer the discomfort of being near them?

I know at least on three occasions where I've had to move away from the table just to get a whiff of clear air. Probably its a zero tolerance comment to just come right out and say  "YOu STINK!"

What are suggestions on how to deal with this problem?

If it were to come up at a regional, could the director be called to skip those offending opps?

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