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The Three-card Limit Raise: There must be a better way
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1 - 1NT  the forcing no trump.

2 - 3  is a three-card limit raise.

Do you really want to at the three level with invitational hands?


1 - 1NT  is also forcing except is a puppet 2.

2:  2  is a three-card limit raise.

        2  is a transfer to hearts.

        2  is a transfer to spades with two-card support.  



1 - 1NT

2 - 3   a three-card limit raise.


1 - 1NT

2C:    2   a three-card limit raise.

         2  a transfer to hearts with two-card support.

If opener accepts a transfer the auction is complete,

while with extra strength and or distribution, makes the appropriate call

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