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The Way Forward

As some of you may know, I play tournament bridge and chess. One of the byproducts of this is that I spend a fair bit of time in my car travelling from my home in South Miami. It is not uncommon to spend an hour travelling from places in Unit 243 (Broward County, where I am a Unit Board member) or the 55 miles one way to Boca Raton for chess.  

I started to consider the way we as bridge players move forward from the tragedy and harm that has been inflicted upon us lately. Maybe it was the gentle rain on the Florida Turnpike. Maybe it was the isolation of so few cars on the road on a Friday night. We all play bridge for a multitude of reasons, but I believe at our core it is the people that brings us back over and over again. The game offers us intellectual challenges and there is a richness to solving a challenging hand. Yet, we cannot diminish that it is the community that we must interact with, associate with, and choose willingly to stay into even when trouble finds us. 

It is my hope that as we head back to our clubs and tournaments, that we not let our vigilance be misconstrued as skewed bias. Yes, we will be more aware of things. I tho dare all of us, to be more aware to smile and to extend kindness, seeking each other the human condition we all share. 

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