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The Worst Advice Ever

Advice in bridge, since it has a bottom line, is easier to evaluate than advice in most of life.


Is "Never eat at a place called Mom's,

Never play poker with someone named Doc,

and Never sleep with someone who has more troubles than you do"

good or bad advice?


Not having tested the first two admonitions, and knowing of varying results of the third,

I just don't know if this is good or bad advice..


But in bridge, I think the worst advice I ever got was "double Stayman for the lead with a good club holding."

The first time I tried this out, in the 1963 Goldman pairs, with AQT9x of clubs, Larry Rosler redoubled and made three.

The most recent time I tried it, on BBO this year, declarer made four. I should have given it up in 1963.


The second worst advice advice I ever had came directly from Benito G himself. "In third seat, Martin, holding 4423 shape, open one Heart."

Well, after about one bad board a year doing this, I tried it against Benito himself. Another terrible score.

So I asked Benito's partner about this. He said "Oh, that. That is the advice he gives opponents."


What is the worst advice you have ever had in Bridge (or in Life for that matter)?

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