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The worst card ever played(?) and two other smiles

The first two occurred at the Eastern States Regional in NYC over Memorial Day weekend. The first one in the 4-session Goldman Pairs, believed to be the longest continually running pair event since it's inception in 1929.

I held:




C- A10965


Neither side vul, Righty opened 1D and I tried 1S. After lefty's neg dble and righty's 2H, I bravely(stupidly?) ventured 3C. After lefty's 4H my VERY conservative partner chirped in with 5C and I thought that was that. But righty contested with 5H. It sure seemed like partner had 5 hearts cause we know lefty has a fairly good hand and with 5 hearts he would have bid 2H not a neg dble. So with me holding 2 aces and partner with 5 trumps, I ventured a dble. But partner had other ideas and after brief thought, she came in with 6C. They doubled of course and I expectantly waited to see the dummy after lefty's heart lead.







I ruffed righty's Queen of H. lost a spade trick to lefty and trump the heart(to the ace) continuation. I ruffed a spade to dummy and led a low club. Righty produced the 2, and after long thought I put up the ace......dropping king. though spades were 4-2, 6Cx bid and made.


It's not every day you go +1090 on 14 HCP. (It would have been neater if she hadn't had 5 unnecessary points, then it would have been +1090 with 9 HCP!)


Hand 2


This one was played against two players who let's say are not destined for the Hall of Fame and belong to that group of people I call "those who are sometimes wrong but never in doubt." And these kept babbling on and on with inane analyses and self aggrandizement..


I'll just show you the hand, show you what happened and let








S-K2                                                    S-J1064

H-J105                                                 H-4

D-AK752                                               D-9f4

C-QJ8                                                   C-AK10953









Student    Know it all     Mel    Also know it all

   1S             2D            P              P

   2H             P              p              3C

     P             p            3H              p

     p          dble            all pass


I'm just reporting what happened--not what I think should have happened or could have happened.

After the hand was over, lefty babbler was saying "I just knew they would go down" and "I HAD to dble."


Well, you can see that we are indeed off 5 tricks(at least 2 clubs, 2 diamonds and a spade.)--and they did take five tricks. But watch how.


AK of D and a third D! They only got 1 club trick but look carefully at trick 3.


You don't often see an successful uppercut where a 4 punches out the ace!


Hand 3

(The worst card ever played?)


Two days ago, playing in a club game I had this combination in diamonds to play. In order to make my contract, I needed 4 winners and no losers.





With their diamonds 4-2, and the QJ not doubleton (not that that would allow 4 tricks), how did I take 4 winners? Well, lefty led the Q and after righty's 6 showed up, I won with the K. Later I led the 10, legitimately trying to pin the 9 on my right, but much to my surprise LEFTY played the 9. I shrugged and played low and righty showed out so even I knew to finesse the 8 on the next round. Yes, lefty hand played the 9(!!) under my 10 from an original QJ9x! Even playing low on my 10 would have thwarted me, but this defender had imagination!

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