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Theoretical Laws questions about playing out the hand after a claim

The new Law 68 regarding claims versus playing out the hand leads to some questions. Of particular interest is 68D2(b)(ii): "the prior claim or concession is void and not subject to adjudication. Laws 16 and 50 do not apply...."

a) A defender claims (or concedes) by showing his hand but the claim is not accepted and all 4 players agree to play it out. Does the claimer's partner get to use the knowledge of what claimer holds? After all "Laws 16 and 50 do not apply" so there is no UI.

b) There is a penalty card on the table prior to a claim; the claim is rejected, and playing it out is agreed. Is that penalty card no longer a penalty card? Again, Law 50 does not apply, so in this situation there is no applicable law on the disposition of a penalty card.

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