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Three Sectionals, One District, One Week

My home District is hosting three sectionals the same week.


Unit A--progressive qualifiers Monday through Friday. Final on Saturday.

Unit B--progressive qualifiers Monday through Saturday. Final on Sunday.

Unit C--open swiss sectional with a new swiss starting on Saturday and on Sunday.


In my opinion, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in three separate sectionals hosted by Units in the same district. My question is which of the following would be the most fun and perverse.

Play in qualifiers in A+B, Final in A, and Sunday Swiss in C. Goal: Earn silver points in three sectionals in one week in the same district. Outside shot at finishing in Top 10 MP winners in 2/3.
Play in multiple qualifiers in both A+B, Play in both Finals. Goal: Attempt to win two of three sectionals in one week in the same district.

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