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Time For A New Statistic

Any baseball fan knows that in recent years, the introduction of new statistics that measure performance, such as OPS (on-base % + slugging %) has been very popular with fans. I think the time has come to extend the idea to bridge.


I hereby propose the a new stat called  "MP Effiency" that wouls measure how successful players are to winning. events, as measured by Master Points Awarded. MP Efficiency is calculated by dividing the number of master points you win in any event (tournament or club game)  by the number of points awarded to the 1sr place finisher. For example, I won 16.67 points in yesterday's Senior Teams while members of Glenn Eisenstein's winning team won 100 points each - so my MP Eff. for that event is 16.67%.


This stat has many advantages: 1) the ACBL already has all the data, 2) you can calculate MP Eff.over time and/or over different partnerships by adding the numerators and denominators and dividing, 3) over time (say a calendar year) it lends itself to comparisons among players by district, MP level, club vs tournament, etc.











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