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To Blackwood or Not to Blackwood, that is the issue.

Playing with an expert partner I held  A104 K62  AK9864 



I opened 1 and over partners 2 which is we play is game forcing, I rebid 2. Partner now bid 3. While we had not discussed that specific auction, since 2 would have been forcing, I took 3 as shortness. I was about to bid 4, or 4 (I had not decided which) when I remembered an article in the ACBL Bulletin by Karen Walker who talked about the virtues of NOT putting partner through a tortous Q bidding sequence. I realize Blackwood has fallen out of favor with some players, so I thought I would put this question in front of this learned jury.Should I have bid Blackwood or Q Bid. Discuss if you would your reasoning behind your answer and thinking.

I would Blackwood.
I would Q bid.

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