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I had the following situation in the first session of the Silodor Open Pairs a few days ago, and after subsequently asking several of the directors and many of my peers about their feelings on the matter, I'd love to have some more input.

My opponent, a good young player, got the lead from my partner (a student) of the heart ten against his 3NT contract, after an auction (uncontested) of one diamond, one spade, two diamonds, three no trump. Declarer held KQx of hearts, facing Axx in dummy.

After picking up and perusing the convention card of the opening leader, which was properly filled out in all regards and showed they were playing standard carding (10 from 109x, also from 109xx and Q109x), he now asked me, his RHO, if the lead of the ten showed anything special. I replied no, it was a standard lead.

After declarer knocked out the diamond ace, I had to decide whether to shift to a spade (I held KQx and dummy had a singleton) or continue hearts, and guessed badly, continuing hearts (I held Jxxx). Declarer now made eleven tricks.

At the next break, having thought about the hand, I discussed it with Henry Cukoff and another director, without naming any individuals or seeking redress. Henry mentioned to me that although he would give a player who did this one warning and then "hang him from a sensitive body part" he also was recently shown an article by Jeff Rubens where he felt this was perfectly acceptable. The majority of the better players I talked to disapproved.

What are your feelings?




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