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Toronto NABC Entry Fees always subject to change

While US citizens will benefit from the low Canadian dollar currently worth 76 US cents which equates to 1 US dollar worth $1.32 Canadian, it will not help Canadians playing in the upcoming Toronto NABC.

The June ACBL Bulletin announced the following prices, all in Canadian currency: NABC+events =  $32.50; Other NAC = $22.50; Regional events $20;   Other events $19. 

Today (June 13) the ACBL web page has announced revised higher entry fess.  They will now be (Canadian dollars): NABC+ events = $33; Other NAC events: $23; Regional events = $21; All other events = $20.

The draconian entry fee per person rather than per team remains.  A team of 6 will pay $396 for one day; a team of 4 pays $264.  The ACBL Board argues since "everyone" on a team wins masterpoints, the entry fee should be per person, not per team.  What those arguments fail to recognize is that only 25% of the teams entered make the overalls; the other 75% do not get overall masterpoint awards. 

At the Penticton Regional this week, the District is charging an extra $5 for the 5th and 6th player, perhaps the only District in the ACBL that is doing so. Even the Tournament Directors have told me they don't like it.  A pure cash grab!

All entry fees for the Toronto NABC are subject to change!

The last estimate I heard was a quite low 12,000 tables.  What is justifiably feared is that local Canadian players will cut back on playing due to the cost. Not surprising.

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