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Toronto NABC Entry Fees in Martian Currency?

The ACBL has announced that all entry fees will be sold in Canadian currency.  The ACBL will exchange US to CDN with change being given in Canadian dollars.  Frankly, I foresee a nightmare scenario for the ACBL Tournament Directors selling entries and exchanging currencies in Toronto.  Mistakes will be commonplace.  But what exactly are the ACBL policies concerning Canadian currency and the entry fees for the Toronto NABC?

MAY ACBL Bulletin, Page 10:   JUNE ACBL Bulletin, Page 10;    JULY ACBL Bulletin, Page 11

NABC+ events         $32                         $32.50                           $33

Other NABC events  $22                        $22.50                           $23

Regional events       $20                         $20.00                           $21

Other events            $19                         $19.00                            $20

Note the trend.  Each succeeding month listed different entry fees, either the same or more likely higher.  Now that the Canadian dollar has jumped (up 4% in just over one month) why can't the ACBL revert to the published prices in the original May issue which are the fairest based on today's exchange rates?  At the moment, one US dollar equals 1.28739 Canadian.

There are are other issues.  Bridge Winners has advertised that they are accepting entries to the Toronto NABC in US dollars using US Credit cards.

On site, the ACBL is rounding UP and making money.  Better value (certainly for those with US dollars) is to buy on Bridge Winners with a US credit card.  No winning options for Canadians.

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