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Tournaments using computers

I have been wondering why major tournaments (World championships for instance) are not held simply using computers instead of physical infrastructure like cards etc. You probably still need to hold it centrally so that a solid intranet can be used. (Internet might cause connectivity problems). Of course the “ atmosphere “ will be different.(The tournament hall will look like a computer lab!) But cheating will be minimized with proper positioning of players. Your partner , located at some distance, can not hear your coughing !! Of course players can still cheat using timing (bidding after 5 seconds for a weaker hand, 10 seconds for a stronger hand etc !). But overall I think cheating could be minimized. Is there great thrill in holding physical cards ?There could be eye fatigue ? Special  displays might help ?Any views?Because of some technical glitch I will not be able to participate in further discussion but I love to hear from so many experts who generally give very helpful answers .So many thanks in advance.

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