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Transfer Cue Bid in Transfer Advance Structure under GCC

Now that ACBL allows transfer responses after overcalls under GCC, my partner and I were sketching out some ideas when the question arose of what is allowed when you transfer into the opps' suit? 

Per the GCC, the following is allowed: TRANSFER RESPONSES (responses after overcalls) where the call shows length or values in the suit of the transfer.

Considering the auction 1 - (1), a 2 transfer into their suit is not technically a cue bid. Does that mean this bid is not GCC-legal unless it promises "length or values in their suit"? So for example would an agreement that 2 shows a balanced hand without  stoppers not be allowed?

If indeed this transfer cuebid is limited in this manner, I would also be curious to hear how people play this bid in GCC events within a transfer-overcall structure. Thanks!

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