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Tray Passing in Wroclaw

How many players knew the tray and board were only to be handled by the declarer or dummy?

I see the reason for this because as this was a component of the cheating investigation.

I think it is a great idea and if it not a CoC I will make a motion at the BOG meeting in Orlando.

Two of my experiences in Wroclaw

1) I was east and the dummy. i was removing the tray and the board and the north guy literally pulled the tray out of my hand. Called director and n/s were given a 10% penalty.

2) I was south and east was declaring. I made my lead and waited. West then told me to remove the tray and I said no. A barrage of something that I am sure was not nice Followed.

There were several more times that N/S handled the tray and I just gave up. I ran into only one other pair that also knew the proper handling of the tray and board after bidding was complete.

How did it go in the other events?

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