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Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major


At a recent tournament, I played several times against a player who is near the top of the Barry Crane list. On three occasions in pair events, he bid 1NT(15-17) with a 5-card major against me and got near top results each time. I asked him if he had any ground rules when making such bids. He said he had none except his doubleton(s) must have an high honor. He also said he doesn't use a treatment for finding a 5-3 major suit fit over such bids.

I have one partner who uses Puppet Staymen and another one who likes Bell. Neither one has done a study on the effectiveness of these approaches. Which treatment if any do you prefer?


I'm curious what percentage of the players use a treatment for finding these 5-3 fits? If so please specify which one.

I prefer not to use a treatment over my 1NT.
I do use a treatment for locating a 5-3 fit.

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