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Tuesday Spingold matches on Vugraph

We will cover 3 or 4 Spingold matches on Tuesday (most likely 4, but things sometimes don't work out as well as expected). Because of the way the tables are being assigned to rooms, we are limited to showing matches from tables 1 through 12 (that's teams 1 through 12 and their opponents). As usual, I can't do a poll with multiple answers, and 12 choose 4 is about 700 possibilities, too many to list. So please vote for your first choice and mention others in comments. At the moment, we only know teams 1 and 2; teams seeded 3 through 12 are playing today, as are the top 12 teams' opponents for tomorrow. 

Team 1 (Nickell) vs Team 64
Team 2 (Fleisher) vs Team 63
Team 3 (Lavazza or Schireson) vs Team 62 (Piedra)
Team 4 (Strul or Caplan) vs Team 61
Team 5 (Diamond or McGuire) vs Team 60
Team 6 (Rosenthal or Orihara) vs Team 59 (Steinberg)
Team 7 (Cayne or Prodan) vs Team 58
Team 8 (Pszczola or Betteto) vs Team 57 (Carmichael)
Team 9 (Gupta or Ti Park) vs Team 56
Team 10 (Mahaffey or Breedyk) vs Team 55 (Sprung)
Team 11 (Lall or Li) vs Team 54 (Gartaganis)
Team 12 (Sonsini or Rathi) vs Team 53

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