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Two ACBL Live questions

1) I often like to follow how my friends and students are doing at a regional.  At some regionals, knockout brackets are posted on ACBL LIve while the event is in progress, with updated results at the end of each match.  Other times there is nothing at all posted until the entire 2-day event is completed.  

 Is this simply a function of whether the TD chooses to post the bracket?  If so, and assuming there are others besides myself interested in following these events, perhaps there could be a more consistent policy of posting.  The technology does seem to be available.  Thanks.


2) Regarding reporting of pair game results, is it possible for ACBL Live to be changed to make it easy to see all the results on a board at once?  At our local club there are often multiple sections in play, and via Bridge Composer, it is very easy to see what each table did on a given board.  Yet when I play in a tournament, ACBL Live shows the results only section by section, and it's rather cumbersome to flip through each section to see scores.  This is often relevant if one wants to check how many matchpoints they blew on a given board!  It is also just nice to easily see the frequency of any given result.

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