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Two Hour Bridgescore+ Training Class on Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta

There will be two identical Bridgescore+ two hour training classes in Atlanta, on Tuesday, July 31 and Wednesday, August 1. Free.

Bridgescore+ has been certified by ACBL for use in tournaments.

There is a sign-up sheet next to the ACBL Bulletin Office (main lobby level). Please sign up or PM me so that we know numbers.

Training will be in room 705 (up one flight) from 10am-12. Many thanks to ACBL for providing the space.

If you have a laptop (or tablet), please bring. This is a hands-on class.

If you have time, please see

We will be using the latest version of Bridgescore+ and focusing on learning to how to run Swiss, Bracketed Swiss and KO events.

With Swiss, you will learn "set and forget" - how to configure the Swiss event at round 1 and the event runs itself.

ACBL Swiss events run 15-25 minutes faster when using Bridgescore+ compared to ACBLscore and need fewer TDs. This is a big time and money saving for medium to large tournaments. For all tournaments, players are happier when the event finishes quicker.

The Thursday International Fund Swiss was run with Bridgescore+ - finished 15 minutes quicker than the comparable Swiss run with ACBLscore. The Senior Truscott Swiss on Monday will be run with Bridgescore+.

Bridgescore+ is easy enough that Tournament Assistants (TAs) can run.

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