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Two Questionable Rulings

This weekend, I was rereading a Barbara Kachmar article in the Bridge Journal. There have been a number of posts lately concerning questionable rulings by directors, so I thought I would share two that appeared in the article:

On the next hand, Mr. [Jeff] Rubens preempted with four spades, not vulnerable, over a vulnerable opponent's one diamond bid. After hearing a bid of five diamonds to my right, I was looking at [Qxxx Kxxxx, Kx xx].

"Do you mind if I ask my partner what kind of preempts he plays?" I said to the opponents.

"We certainly do," they snarled. They called the directer and under the new laws, he took away my Diner's Club card, my driving license, and one of my cards.


On the next hand, East opened one diamond, changed his mind and bid a heart, then corrected himself again and bid three clubs. I held nine spades missing the king, so naturally I called the director. He glowered at me and barred my partner.

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