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Two-Way Checkback/XYZ Question

Playing inverted minors, with the immediate minor raise denying a four card major, you start with the following:

1 - 1 - 1NT

Playing Two-Way Checkback or XYZ (whichever you'd like to call it) with 2 GF, 2NT relay to 3, direct 3 slammish with club support, which of the following statements describe your thinking for responder's options when bidding a hand that has hearts and clubs.

Please select up to 6 choices.

2 then 3 over 2 from opener is a slam try with hearts accepted as trumps.
2 then 3 over 2 from opener is a probe for best game with a GF club fit.
A direct 3 shows 5-5 in the round suits.
A direct 3 could be on 5 hearts and 4 clubs.
A direct 3 could be on 4 hearts and 5 clubs.
With one or more of these shapes, I would begin with 2NT relay to 3 (please explain)

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