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Two Way Game tries after doubles?

Assume for this poll you have agreed to play 2/1gf with 2way game tries, Kokish style and if opponents bid these are off.

For review after 1S-2S-3 any is short in that suit and 2NT asks partner to bid cheapest suit with which he’d accept a Long suit (or help suit) Try. (And please, for the purpose of this poll can we table the infinite discussion of what the alleged difference between a Long Suit Try and a Help Suit try is?  Just assume they are the same)

After 1H-2H- 2S=LST and 2NT is short spades, with 3c/3d short.

So one of my partners asked about the following two sequences:

1) 1S-X-2S-p-? (2S is 3-7 obstructive after a double).  


2) 1S-p-2S-X? (2S is semiconstructive (BWS) about 7-10)

Should 2way gametries still be used after one or both of these doubles?

No for both 1) and 2)
No for 1), yes for 2)
Yes for 1), no for 2)
Yes for both
Other, just because...

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