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UI: Now what?

Playing the Washington DC A/X weekly stratiflighted game, which was an IMP pairs last night, I was thrilled to pick up:


I thought this was clearly worth a jump shift, so I bid 2. That was when partner alerted and explained it as weak. The problem is that we don't play weak jump shifts. It's not that I forgot our agreement. It's that I don't play it with anyone, not being a fan. (I'm not suggesting that if you like them, you're wrong. I'm merely saying that I prefer not to play them. I don't want to get off track here.)

Partner tanked a bit and bid 3.

Obviously, I'm in possession of UI. So first, let's figure out what 3 means in a context of no UI. Since my default agreement about jump shifts is "Your suit, my suit or NT," (sometimes called "Soloway Style"), 3H has to suggest few or zero spades, and fairly long hearts. I would expect a 2NT or 3S bid most of the time to allow responder to define his/her hand.

Confident that I was now allowed to bid my hand despite the UI (question one: am I right about that?), I had to consider what to bid. We play kickback. Since the only cards I want to know about are the A, K, A and the A, I thought kickback for hearts was appropriate. Better, I felt like I was doing the "right" thing, since my kickback bid is... 4. If partner is still not on the same page, I won't have chosen an action that wakes him. I don't WANT to wake him. As I understand it, it's inappropriate for me to wake him, but I'm still allowed to play bridge.

Question 2: Is that understanding correct?

So I bid 4. After some consideration, partner bid 4NT. I'm still not certain we're on the same page, but that shows 0/3 key cards. Great. We're off an ace. I decide to end the auction with a 6 bid. Before RHO can choose his lead, I explain what happened, and rerun the auction with what my bids meant. He knows that partner may not have what I expect. He lays down the A, switches to a and partner tests trumps and claims holding:

-- AKT98543  AJ2 65

(For extra credit: We do play NAMYATS. Would you open that hand 4?) 

Final question: In a fair world, is this appropriate? Should this be rolled back? If so, to what? Why?

I decided that, playing behind screens, this would have been my approach, so it seemed legitimate to me. But I clearly don't understand the UI rules. I mean, I read. I do my best. But it can be quite confusing. Was I OK on this one? Do I owe my opps an apology?

I self reported to the director (my opps didn't call, but if I did something wrong, I want to know and I want equity restored), and he thought I did OK, but, let's be honest, the director was also one of my closest friends, my college roommate, and the person I learned bridge with. We won our first regional titles together. I don't know if I trust him to be as harsh as he probably should be, though he does go out of his way not to take calls involving me and has long warned me that he bends over backwards not to show me favoritism, and understands if that means I have to appeal his rulings against me if the case arises. Still, I was asking him if I was an ethical bridge player; how will a friend of over 30 years answer that question?

Thanks for your input!

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