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Unethical Conduct Accusation

This happened to me at the Las Vegas NABC.  I will not identify anything about the opponents, the game, or even the hand (to the extent that I can do so while accurately describing the accusation).

RHO declared the hand.  He had a suit holding of KQx in hand opposite Txxx in dummy.  He led low off dummy and, when my partner followed low, played the K which held.  He thought about this for a minute or so and played the Q out of hand, losing to my partner's A while I followed low.  My original holding was Jxx.

At the end of the hand my RHO briefly discussed the reason for his play with his partner.  He said that he thought that he made the percentage play in the suit based on the fact that I flinched or hitched on the play of the King.  I interjected that I had not done so.  As this was the first board of a 2-board round, we went on to the second board, which was uneventful.  However, during the play of the second board the statement that I flinched or hitched on the play of the King and that influenced declarer's play bothered me.  It seemed to me that it was an accusation of an attempt to deceive the declarer by intentionally varying my tempo.

At the conclusion of the round, I called the TD.  I explained what had happened and what had been said.  I also stated that there had been no apology issued for what I considered to be an accusation of unethical conduct.

The TD explained to my opponents all that was relevant.  He also mentioned that an apology would be appropriate unless the declarer wanted to pursue an action against me for unethical conduct.  My RHO made some sort of an apology (it did not include the words "I am sorry" or "I apologize") and we went our separate ways.

Do you think I handled this appropriately?

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