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Unofficial team match organisation

Problem: teams looking to practice in downtime, across the globe. Seeking suitable level (genuine) opposition.

Solution: some form of organisation / reach-out here on BW. In particular, this audience is the right audience.

Format: You book certain time slot(s) in the future, and your approximate level (BW's are honest?), e.g. next Thursday 7pm Eastern (the seller)

Monetisation: You're notified if there's a match (the buyer confirms). Deposits by both, with half refund if the game goes ahead (both confirm it's been played). If you cancel but the opponents did not know about it, they get their money back, you lose yours.

Inspired from middle-men tutoring services. 


Motivation: we know there are some good organised games on BBO, but that takes organisation, and it's limited to preferred-players. You can also make your own, but you're limited to your immediate crowd of friends and friends-of-friends. Some also don't like (abhor) 'hanging out on' BBO, but would be willing to practice in set games at a fixed time.

I also know there's demand for good team games (e.g. Intercity League in Europe), but the organisation is a pain, and the time is inflexible.


Examples of people who might benefit:

High level players already tend to have their gig. So I'm not concerned about them (even so, I know a few good teams who sometimes just always play amongst themselves, but who might be interested in playing against others).

More importantly, not-so-high level.

e.g. GNT A/B/C. Particularly lower flights may not 'know' as many people. I bet each district's representatives would love to have good practice (plus you'll get to meet your opponents at the next nationals) against fellow competitors. When I played GNT C, we never had the time to have 'team' practice. Club games are usually pairs ...

Anyone who plays ACBL speedballs or suchlike and thinks "I wish I could be playing real bridge".


Specific advertisement: This is just a suggestion (I think it's pretty good, and probably wouldn't be difficult to code; the audience is captive too). But if you are specifically a GNT team (lets say GNT A+), I know a friend who's team would like to practice (the real motivation) Wednesday evenings Eastern, the first one being next Wednesday 16th April 6.30pm EST. Please message me if you'd like to get hooked up. (I could either organize or play).

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