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Unscientific ACBL Membership Poll

In a recent thread, it was suggested that allowing more and varied conventions will increase ACBL Membership.  This is always a hotly debated topic and this OP is not intended to engender more such debate, but rather to obtain a general feeling of how many in the ACBL are part of the group described there.  (If this proves an interesting question, it might later be subdivided into groups such as club players, tournament players, NABC participants, etc, but this poll covers all 165,000 +/- Members).



The specific comment that caught my eye, made by a person other than myself, referred to a hypothetical proliferation of new "good players that want to learn and be the best they can be".  There are certainly some in ACBL-land who could easily be described that way, and my curiosity was piqued as to what percentage of current ACBL membership might fall into that subset.



Please feel free to vote if an ACBL Member, or if you feel familiar enough with play in ACBL-land to vote!  The decidedly non-scientific question is: What percentage of all ACBL Members do you feel "want to learn and be the best they can be":


1 to 5%
6 to 10%
11 to 15%
16 to 20%
21 to 30%
31 to 40%
41 to 45%
50% +/-
55% or more.
I Don't Know and I Don't Care.
The Question Defies Answerability.
The Question is Badly Conceived and Even More Poorly Presented :)

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