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Unusual UI question

Here’s an unusual director call.

I was playing at a club with a sporadic partner.  On the first board of the evening, we were on defense and declarer asked my partner about our leads and carding.  He replied that we played upside-down count and attitude, although our card says that we play standard.  Of course his confusion is UI to me and I’m supposed to correct it at the end of the hand.

They were in a dopey contract and went for -300, with our carding not having any real relevance to the hand, so I forgot to say anything at the end of the play.  We won the second auction, but on the third were again on defense.  I asked the director away from the table whether it was AI or UI to me that partner thinks we are playing UDCA.

Aside from any routine questions of restoring equity or issuing PPs, what do you think?

Definitely authorized information, and it says so in the Laws
Unauthorized, per Laws
I think it’s AI, but it’s a judgment call
Unauthorized, judgment
Other/it depends
Who cares? What I really want to know is how the Pats could have lost to the Eagles.

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