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I just uploaded a new episode of the Setting Trick, number seven, an interview with sociologist and Scottish Women's team player Samantha Punch. An expert in Sociology of the Family, Sam is starting the academic study of the Sociology of Bridge. By virtue of finishing seventh in the European Team Championships, the Scottish Women qualified for the Venice Cup for the first time.  Some of my highlights from this episode are Sam talking about her favorite bridge books, including how she couldn't put down At the Table, and the fledgling University of Stirling Bridge Club, started in part thanks to a Double Dummy screening there.

We also released a two part episode in the late summer and are only now sharing it on Bridgewinners. The first half of that show is a conversation with Double Dummy star Adam Grossack. Adam was the most prepared guest to date. He short circuited a phone conversation about his playing regionals with both halves of Meckwell to "save it for my podcast episode." For some reason, perhaps it was my lack of preperation, the episode lasted ony 60% as long as the one with his brother Zach.

The other half of episode six is an interview with Morris Jones, aka Mojo. Mojo moonlights two nights a week as a bridge teacher and club owner from his day job at Dreamworks Animation. Dreamworks loss is bridge's gain as Mojo plans to retire in early 2019 and focus more on the game as I did in 2012.

In researching my show with Sam, I came across a weekly bridge podcast from New Zealand called: The Bridge Zone, you can find their episodes here:

Sam asked that I include the following: The University of Stirling is in the process of setting up a crowd funder for the Sociology of Bridge research that Sam is leading. If anyone would like to find out more, including the best way to make a donation (which can be tax efficient), please contact  or email Sam directly:

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