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US-China Online Junior Matches

Over the next five weekends, the four 2020 USA1 Junior teams will be playing one match each weekend against their counterparts from China. The US teams will play in the evening, the Chinese in the morning. Both countries catered to the other’s holidays. The first “weekend” will be Thursday and Friday evenings in the US (Friday and Saturday mornings in China) because of a Chinese holiday on Sunday, and there will be no match the weekend of July 4th because of US Independence Day.  

The matches will be played on BBO, 16 boards each day. We’ll be showing them on Vugraph with a 30-minute delay, and hope you’ll come watch. 

The Schedule:

Under 16 teams: June 25 & 26 Vugraph at 10:00 pm EDT. The US team is: 

Marley Cedrone - Zach Posternak

Arthur Gong - Eric Xiao

Michael Haas - Sam Pahk

NPC Alex Kolesnik. 

Women Under 26 teams: July 10 & 11 Vugraph at 10:00 pm EDT. The US team is:

Sophia Chang - Lucy Zhang

Cynthia Huang - Morgan Johnstone

Emma Kolesnik - Amber Lin

NPC Kent Mignocchi

Under 21 teams: July 17 & 18 Vugraph at 10:00 pm EDT. The US team is:

Finn Kolesnik - Michael Xu

Harrison Luba - Sarah Youngquist

Zhaofeng Philip Wang - Jonathan Yue

NPC Adam Grossack 

Under 26 teams: July 24 & 25 Vugraph at 10:00 pm EDT. The US team is:

Zach Grossack - Kevin Rosenberg

Adam Kaplan - Ben Kristensen

Hongji Wei - Yichen Yin

NPC Brian Platnick


Jan Martel, USBF COO

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